Navjeevan  Sheltered Workshop (since 2000) – to give the adults enough work experience before getting job placement outside.

File Unit, Tailoring Unit, Envelope Unit, Gardening Unit, Home Science Unit (papad making, chips making, chutney making, chocolate making etc.) Small profits made from sale of products are distributed as stipend among the trainee

The Training

Training in daily living skills and survival skills is more important for these children than academic skills. So in School the training starts right from toilet training to identifying ones own bag, eating, grooming to socializing with classmates, identifying them by their names, developing work behavior by learning to sit in one place, to execute commands, concentrating on task at hand. Over a period, which could vary from 6 months to six years, depending on the child’s level, the child learns these skills. While being trained in daily living skills, children are also exposed to different sports, drawing, craft, music and dance. These activities act as multi-sensory stimulators. Children with academic aptitude take basic lessons in maths and language.

At the age of 14 yrs. the students start taking training in activities that help them to work in the VTC and Sheltered Workshop.