Other Programs

Home Training Programs


Parents of children below 6 yrs of age who cannot be admitted to the school are given home training programs by our teachers and therapists. Same facility is extended to other children who find it difficult to come to school every day for different reasons.

  • State Nodal Agency Partner (SNAP) of National Trust
    Working in this capacity to spread awareness in villages and providing intervention. (Please see Annx.I for more about this work).
  • Outreach Programs
    Screening slums and villages for mentally challenged persons and giving Home Training Programs.
  • Therapies
    Behaviour Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy (by respective therapists)
  • Sports and Cultural Activities                    
    In school as well as at the Local, District and State level
  • Community Awareness Programs
    Interaction with schools of normal children, articles in local newspapers, talks on local radio etc.
  • Short Term courses for Parents
    To enable them to handle and train their wards systematically
  • Workshops and Seminars
    For teachers to upgrade themselves and for parents to make them aware of various legislations and other issues related to retardation.
  • Parents Organisation
    Organising educational trips, workshops & seminars for parents, their micro – credit groups, Resource Center with their help.
  • Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) Project
    In neighbouring villages with the help of CBR Students.


Different Therapies


Speech Therapy:- Many of the children face speech problems and need speech therapy. A speech therapist gives one to one therapy to the needful.


Behaviour Therapy:- A clinical psychologist screens the children for behavioural problems and manages their problems through different behaviour management programs.

Music Therapy :- An hour of singing different songs with actions, everyday, has shown miraculous results in the mentally challenged, encouraging the staff to resort to music therapy for teaching simple concepts like  number skills, size concepts etc.


Physiotherapy:- With aid from Amway Opportunity Foundation, Navjeevan has set up a full fledged physiotherapy centre wherein not only the in-house students but also outsiders are given physiotherapy.