Mrs. Nalini Shah, President and founder member of Navjeevan Society, has a nephew who is mentally challenged. Back in the 1960’s Aurangabad was not very developed and there was no awareness about mental retardation. With the encouragement and guidance of Dr. Kumbhakarna, Dr. Ambadas Ambulgekar (both paediatricians) and Dr. Vinay Barhale (psychiatrist), Navjeevan was founded on 5th Sept 1985 with only 18 children in a rented place.
The school was first of its kind in Aurangabad ditrict. In its early phase the school was more of a crèche than a special education centre. But the leadership was dynamic. Mrs. Jayshree Kendrekar joined Navjeevan family as a trustee and administrator. Mr. Keshav Deshpande too joined the Navjeevan family as a secretary of the society. The threesome together took the institution to great heights. The teachers were sent for various training courses and experienced special educators from other places were employed.
          Since then the institution has been upgrading itself and has become one of the most popular institutions not only in Aurangabad but in the entire Marathwada region. Today there are in all 175 students under the roof of Navjeevan. Now it has its own buildings in a plot of 4500 sq. m. area. The activities have been expanded beyond the school.
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