Navjeevan Works At Five Levels

 Process Of Rehabilitation

When we talk of rehabilitation, we don’t mean only economic rehabilitation. Rehabilitation is a much broader term.  It includes medical rehabilitation, social rehabilitation and vocational & economic rehabilitation.

When a child first comes to Navjeevan,  the Clinical Psychologist and special educators assess him. His IQ is determined through clinical tests and he is assessed using various checklists. His case history is taken and if he is diagnosed to be mentally handicapped, he is admitted in the School or Vocational Training Center (VTC) depending on his age. In case of a children below 6yrs. of age, Home Training Programs are given.  Medical Intervention , if necessary, is advised and they are referred to concerned professionals.

The teachers again evaluate his level on basis of different checklists and prepare his Individual Educational Plan (IEP) in consultation with the parents.(IEP is prepared on basis of priorities as to which skills need to be tackled first or which problem needs to be tackled first.) The goals are set and the child is evaluated monthly, quarterly and half yearly. Any changes in the IEP, if felt necessary, are made


Five Levels

 Process Of Rehabilitation


Residential Care Unit 

Manpower Development

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