Appointment Of Mrs. Nalini Shah in the Local Level Committee

Mrs. Nalini Shah, President and founder of Navjeevan Society has been appointed on the Local Level Committee of the National Trust of India in three Districts of Aurangabad, Nanded and Hingoli, since 2006.

The Ex – Officio – Chairman of this committee is the District Collector. The functions of this Committee are as follows.

  • Conducting camps, in Aurangabad District, for spreading awareness about brain related disorders and the provisions under National Trust Act for the persons with such disorders.
  • Verifying and awarding theLegal Guardianship for children with brain related disorders.
  • Supervising the activities of the State Nodal Agency Partner of The National Trust of India.
  • Verifying and approving the candidates with brain related disorders for registering under theNiramaya Yojana (Medical Insurance) of National Trust.

Jewels in the crown


We have always targeted all our efforts mainly towards social and economic rehabilitation of our trainees. After many years of tireless efforts to create awareness about mental retardation, we have finally succeeded in rehabilitating some of our trainees. To mention a few.

  • Two boys were given placement in a factory two years ago. (The co – operation received from the director of the company needs to be mentioned here). One still continues to work there while the other having gained self-confidence from the job has put up a small store with help from his family.
  • One girl, having learnt crochet and knitting in school, earns her living by using this skill.
  • One boy who worked in the tailoring department for ten years, is now doing simple stitching job with a tailor.
  • Another boy who developed work behaviour by training in the VTC is working as a helper in a warehouse.