About Mental Retardation


A person with this condition has less mental ability or intelligence than others of his age. Such persons have difficulty in learning, understanding, communicating with others and in adjusting their behavior to the various situations in everyday life. Since mental retardation is a condition and not a disease there is no cure for this condition but proper training to utilize the residual capacity helps persons with such condition to lead a fuller life. They can be taught to live and work independently. With early diagnosis, parental assistance and early educational programs, a majority of them can adjust socially, master simple academic and occupational skills and become self – supporting citizens. They can participate in family and community activities.


Special Education along with extra-curricular activities, the process.
• Evaluation of each the child on arrival by a clinical Psychologist & special educator
• An individual plan is made for each child.
• After evaluation the child is put in the class, which best suits his requirement
• One teacher and helper is required for every 10 students as individual attention is essential
• The child is re – evaluated monthly, quarterly, half yearly & yearly and any change in program if required is done
• When child attains the age of 18 years, he is shifted to the workshop. There, his aptitude is evaluated and he is trained in some vocation



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